Massage Healing

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About  Massage Healing


In this experience, you will be acknowledging the areas in your body in which you hold stress and tension. We will begin by having a conversation in which I will ask you a series of questions around your daily activities and self-care practices, from here we will address what you’d like to physically and emotionally let go of. After learning more about you, I will lead you through 10 minutes of breathwork to get you grounded and relaxed into your body. The breathing techniques I use release anxiety and stress and will have you feeling calm and relaxed. I will then lead you through a guided sound meditation based on your intention of what you would like to let go of. The meditation will be very powerful because we will journey through a visualization of letting go and softening the areas of your body in which you feel tension. After the meditation, I will give you a one-hour full-body massage, focusing on the areas that carry the most stress. Ultimately, my intention of this experience is to give you the opportunity of opening up to me and completely surrendering to yourself. Releasing what no longer serves you, making peace with it through meditation and breath, and physically releasing your intention with massage, you will go home from this experience feeling completely relaxed and holistically lighter.



Massage Healing Experience – $500