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About Photoshoot Experiences


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Vision Driven Photoshoot Experience – $500

Rising Goddess Photoshoot Experience – $500

Divine Masculine Photoshoot Experience – $500

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This is a special photoshoot experience that I have designed for anyone identifying as a man to deeply reconnect with their Divine Masculine.


During this experience, you will be led through a series of exercises that will connect you back to the purity of your heart, your integrity, your wisdom, your bravery, and the code of honor etched into your very being. 


We will shine light on the parts of you that most need your attention and care. You will have the opportunity to give yourself the gift of pure acknowledgement throughout the entire experience. Everything happens within a safe container, allowing you to access deep levels of vulnerability, openness, and celebration.


You will leave this experience feeling ALIVE after cracking open the protective armor you have built around your heart over the years. Allow yourself to open, trust in life, and love again. The photos from the experience will be something you can keep forever, truly embodying the noble essence of your Divine Masculine energy. 


This experience is available for groups, team-building retreats, or even just as a gift to yourself. 

This is a special photoshoot experience that I have designed for women to unleash the divine feminine goddess within. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge yourself in a loving way, explore vulnerability, open your heart and celebrate your divine feminine. The intention is to shed what no longer serves you and peel back the layers, revealing your authentic power and confidence.   Sitting in sisterhood, the conscious connections have opened your heart, so that you may ultimately accept and free your body.  Everything happens within a safe container so each woman can access deep levels of vulnerability, openness, and celebration. Every Goddess deserves to feel like the confident and sensual woman she was born to be. We’ll drop into this process together so you can feel empowered to embody your own unique Goddess energy in front of the camera. YOU will come alive in front of the lens! This is perfect for groups of friends, bachelorette parties, team building retreats or a gift to just yourself. 

Join me for a passionate, one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience designed to highlight you, your truest expression, and the gifts you have to offer the world. This experience will allow you to share your unique message while being completely aligned to your most authentic being in a very powerful way.


The experience includes:

vision driven interview

  • Together, we’ll drop into our heart space and set the intention for the photoshoot through a deep and connected conversation about your goals and purpose. This helps you to feel clear, confident and empowered going into the photoshoot.


the photoshoot

  • Here, I will guide you through the process of being behind the camera so that we can capture photos of you that are a visual embodiment of the intentions revealed from your vision driven interview. You’ll walk away from this with beautiful photos illuminating who you are and what you have to offer the world. 


guided meditation

  • We will end the experience with a guided meditation that I will create and customize just for you based on your vision. 


You will leave this experience feeling strongly connected to your purpose and have the confidence to share your voice and unique offerings to the world. You’ll be able to use what we create together from the photoshoot as content that clearly represents your truest, most authentic self.


This photoshoot is perfect for entrepreneurs or creatives who want to develop their brand and personality on their website or social media, or for people who simply just want to show the world who they are.